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Jan 20, 2022
Completed an Egghead course
Started working on a new project
As part of BrightChain and NeuralFabric (see, I've started a new project that is designed to split up data with some redundancy so it can only be recovered with a minimum number of shards...
ok, let me just say I've been on pandemic lockdown a very long time..
So, it's called Shart. 🤷‍♀️

Finished a course
For a while now I´ve being following the Data Engineering path in Dataquest: a series of courses focused on the foundational skills needed for anyone who wants to pursue a data engineering career.

Today I finished one more course, Optimizing Postgres Databases.

Studied MCS at Lincoln University College
Started a masters degree
The Master of Computer Science (MCS) is an advanced degree program that imparts students with much-needed general competence, knowledge, and analytical skills on an advanced level, which are highly valued and sought-after in academics, industry, and research.
Jan 19, 2022
Learnt MySQL
My Synology NAS ins standing on my desk and is barely used for some years now. So I decided to use it for my databases. Unfortunately, it's an old model so I cannot install MongoDB at the moment.

But Synology offers official packages for MariaDB and phpmyadmin. So I've learnt (the basics of) MySQL in the past ~2 days.
Jan 19, 2022
Built a feature
Today, the culmination of my work of 2 years was released to the public as Riot introduced it's initial iteration of two-factor authentication to all of its players.

This will serve hundreds of millions of players, and required me to flex so many muscles... data analysis, SQL, React, Node, even acted a bit like a producer and a tech lead in a few places.

Wild ride.