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Jan 19, 2022
NFT developer project
Life long learner
Starting on this build space project called Ship your own Custom NFT Collection on Solana w/ Metaplex.   
Programming language used in this exercise is Javascript, and some React. 
This is will be 1st time programming in these two languages. I'm not really into coding but wanted to get out of comfort zone and attempt this project. 

Read a blog post
Researchers concluded that when someone notices your identity goal, that social recognition is a reward that may cause you to reduce your efforts.

Thanks Brian for this powerful post 🙏
Jan 01, 2022
Hosted a preloved shopping live stream
Celebrated small wins
Our first live selling right through the 1st of January. Sold 6 high-end preloved well-loved bags. ✨
Did a CSS/ HTLM blog
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Verified on Polywork
Social Media Management
Edited a blog post
Shot Architectural Photography
Life long learner
+ 5
I photographed, for a personal project. 
Social media planning.
Blog design and post-editing.
Research about NO CODE Tools.
American literature.
I will Write.

Built a web page
Learning German
Conteúdo em pt-BR
Using vuejs
Used vercel
+ 3
Projeto desenvolvido para meus estudos de alemão com o objetivo de treinar a conjugação de verbos.
Foi desenvolvido em Vue2 e pode ser acessado clicando aqui.
Jan 12, 2022
Research about Metaverse Projects
Involved in the metaverse project called Heaven Land. Won a giveaway from a Dig- A Hash Holdings  for ( 5 Solamids) that allowed me to earn the role a Solamids Proprietors with a total of 7 Solamids  apartments more coming soon.